Message from Executive Committee of HRC

HRC Members

As promised, we want to keep the HRC membership informed of events as they concern HRC. The coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak in the United States is negatively impacting everyone’s daily lives. We are being directed by our medical professionals to practice social distancing. A rather new term that essentially says we, as a population, need to take some very tough steps to prevent the spread of this contagious virus. This virus also is termed novel meaning that our bodies have no means, at this point, to fight off the virus in case we become exposed to it. While the coronavirus is not so necessarily fatal, it has the very real capability of overwhelming our medical capabilities to treat those affected.

All of us have seen some drastic measures taken by communities to help prevent the unchecked spread of the virus. Businesses, where possible, have began programs where employees can work from home, thereby reducing the number of people in office areas. We see stores reducing their hours as well as establishing only drive through services. We can hope these measures will stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The HRC Executive Committee has made the tough decision to cancel the 2020 HRC Spring Grand. This decision was certainly not an easy one to make. The decision was made in accordance with following the recommendations of the CDC concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus. Protecting the membership of HRC is paramount in making this decision. The thought of losing just one HRC member, who became exposed during the event, is a responsibility that we are not willing to accept. The uncertainty of when we could expect an “all clear” left us no choice but to cancel as opposed to delaying this Spring Grand. The HRC Executive committee STRONGLY recommends that every HRC affiliated club strictly follows the protocols as set forth by the CDC. Furthering the spread of the virus is also a very real concern and all of our efforts should be geared towards preventing this spread. We know that every HRC member across North America shares these same concerns.

We will win this war against that the coronavirus. No doubt that a preventative as well as an efficient treatment plan will be developed. Let us keep those who are stricken with this virus in our thoughts and our prayers. Let us be understanding and patient as we go through our daily lives working through some of the hardships this event has caused.

Thanks to each of you for your dedication to HRC. If any of you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call.

Executive Committee

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